To solve problems,
it takes courageous people,
who bring attention to grievances.

Welcome to the whistleblower system of the law firm Jan Schmidt.

Before we begin, here are a few brief pieces of information:

Who are you allowed to report to us?

This system is exclusively provided for our clients. Reports concerning external companies will be rejected and the information promptly destroyed.
Our clients refer to this website (e.g., in the legal notice of their own homepage) or through notices at their locations.

What can I report?
Legal protection for whistleblowers applies only to specific relevant criminal offenses and administrative offenses. Therefore, the reported incident must constitute a violation of existing laws. Especially minor issues or simple complaints do not qualify as "reports" under the law, and there is no protection for the whistleblowers in these cases. If you are unsure, we can advise you on your report. That's what we're here for!

Protected are reports of: criminal offenses, administrative offenses (provided they serve to protect individuals or employees), tips on money laundering and terrorist financing.

Violations of regulations related to
• Product safety and conformity
• Road safety, railway operational safety, civil aviation safety, or maritime safety
• Safe transportation of hazardous goods by road, rail, and inland waterway
• Environmental protection, radiation protection, and nuclear safety
• Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources and energy efficiency

Violations against:
• Animal welfare or food and feed safety
• Safety standards for medical devices for organs and substances of human origin, human and veterinary medicines, and cross-border patient care
• Data protection or threats to information technology security
• Shareholder rights; - Errors in the audit of companies
• Privacy or the confidentiality of spoken words or postal and telecommunications secrets

Violations of consumer rights and consumer protection.
Telephone Reporting?
We are happy to receive your concerns by phone. Simply call +49-7152-56958-99 during normal business hours, and you will be immediately connected to our attorneys. In exceptional cases, a confidentiality-bound office staff member will answer the call and promptly forward you to the appropriate party.
Are there any costs?
There are no costs for you in the reporting process.
We are compensated by our clients on a monthly basis for providing this whistleblower service. This compensation covers all incoming reports.

If the company pays, can I trust you?
Due to legal obligations, the processing of reports is also in the interest of your employer / the organization to which you are reporting.
As a reporting office, we are subject to legal confidentiality obligations.
Am I really protected? Anonymity
This website does not store any data. In the context of the input field, your message is securely encrypted and transmitted to our lawyers for processing.

If you refrain from providing contact details, there is no way (except through the reported incident) to trace the report back to you. However, you will also not receive any feedback on the processing of your report!

Even if you provide contact details, we treat your report confidentially in accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act. We may only disclose your identity without your consent if it is legally permissible. This is the case, for example, if your report itself violates the law (e.g., you use the report only for insults and defamation). Or when individual authorities legally entitled to do so request your report from us.

Here you will be directed to the whistleblower form